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 Learning how to lead with calm, clarity, and conviction in anxious times.



Powerful. Relevant. Transformative.


What is Resilient Leadership?

Resilient Leaders are able to:

  • Lead with calm, clarity and conviction in the midst of anxiety provoked by increasingly complex and accelerating change.

  • Lead from their strengths, knowing how to care for themselves emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually so they can sustain their leadership efforts over time.

Resilient Leadership is a new way of SEEING, THINKING and LEADING that helps leaders navigate the hidden dynamics of organizations more effectively.

The Foundation of Resilient Leadership

The Resilient Leadership model builds upon the natural systems theoretical work of Murray Bowen (1913-1990) as well as Edwin Friedman’s groundbreaking leadership-development concepts described in his bestselling book, “A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix.”.

Today the Resilient Leadership model helps leaders understand how the “emotional system” of their organization —the unconscious, instinctual aspects of human functioning—often dictates, to a great extent, how the organization functions on the rational level. By learning to understand and recognize the emotional system within the environment, a leader can calm anxiety, clear confusion, and engage employees and teams to achieve peak performance.

Resilient Leadership offers a fresh, insightful, and innovative understanding of how to lead in a way that is powerfully transformative. The Resilient Leadership Self-Assessment provides immediate feedback and a deeper understanding of the core dimensions of the Resilient Leadership model.

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Best Practices

Resilient Leadership Best Practices explored through onsite/virtual learning engagements and/or coaching:

  • Develop a Less Anxious Presence: Embody and Communicate Inner Calm to Help Others Lower Their Anxiety

  • Get on the Balcony to Observe the Emotional System from a New Perspective

  • Explore Your Reactive Behaviors and Triggers

  • Be Aware of the Toxicity of Triangle Relationships

  • Understand Over-and-Under-Functioning

  • Cultivate a Curious Mindset

  • Stay Connected: Be Close Enough to Influence, Yet Distant Enough to Lead

  • Lead with Conviction: Act Boldly, Take Risks, & Stand Up For Your Vision, Values and Principles

"The twenty-first century truly is experiencing a paradigm shift in understanding and practicing the art of leadership, and the Resilient Leadership model represents the cutting edge of that “awakening”.

- Bob Duggan & Bridgette Theurer

Authors, Resilient Leadership 2.0

Christine Kopec is a certified Resilient Leadership Facilitator and Coach. Learn more about customized training programs, webinars or leadership coaching for you, your team, or organization.

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